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Room for Rent Ball Sq, Somerville....570+ util ASAP - Boston Housing [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Room for Rent Ball Sq, Somerville....570+ util ASAP [Jun. 29th, 2011|08:42 pm]
Boston Housing


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  My roommate and I are looking for a third roommate for Sept 1 or sooner. The room is 570, utilities average about 60 a month and include cable and wireless internet. There is an eat in kitchen, an a large living/dining room. We've got a nice backyard with a cemented patio (and I'm gonna start a garden in one of the patches). Room can either be furnished or not. No pets. Coin op laundry in the basement and parking on the street (the landlord reimbursed me for my pass, and I never have a hard time finding a spot)

My roommate and I are professionals in our thirties. We're pretty laid back, and have a pretty chill friendly environment. I make dinner for a small group of friends most mondays before we play trivia at Johnny D's, people come over to watch movies every once in a while, and there is usually a bigger social gathering (often with rock band on my wii) every few months. Otherwise its pretty quiet around here. If you're looking for people to hang out with, that's great...if not, that's fine too.

anyhow, here is the craigslist ad http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/roo/2469777026.html Drop me a line at kellyheft@gmail.com