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Cambridge $560 [Feb. 12th, 2010|12:37 pm]
Boston Housing



Two-fold housing post here, I need to fill a room now and maybe a place in a few months.

I'm seeking one person to take the place of my roomies who are breaking the lease since they found a place early ($560 in Camberville for March 1), and also I'd rather move on myself so I'm looking for a place with similar stats to what I've got now for May 31 or even a little earlier. There will be two cats already, sorry no doggies allowed at the current opening.

Sadly I'm considering trying someplace closer to downtown than Davis, but I do love it here so I'll probably end up staying close. Anything within 15 min walking along the Red line from MIT and north is good for me as long as it has parking and allows a fluffcat! I'd also consider Lechmere or some amazing deal in the North or South ends. Preferably, I'd like to live with under 4 people total, myself and one other would be great. Comment or PM in either case if you know of someone seeking Now or have a place opening later this spring :)

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